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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Holiday Cookies!

  Things have been pretty hectic around here between wrapping up the boutique, work, school, Christmas shopping, and trying to get the house back together after the sale. So while we don't have time to bake cookies, we DO have the opportunity to decorate (and eat) them!
  I picked up this box of freshly baked cookies from the cafeteria at my work - complete with 2 dozen cookie (trees, bells, stars, and gingerbread-peeps), 3 frosting colors, and a fun variety of glitters and sprinkles - for $11.95 - what a deal!    
  ** Getting them home on the bus was.....interesting.....

So! We've invited Riley and Mad over to help us decorate them!

Ta da!!
Elisa's Cookies! (I ate the yellow star first...)
Mad's Cookies! - So I guess my photo-skills removed the heads of Mad's gingerbread peeps
- but check out the 'junk tree', Patrick the Starfish from Sponge Bob, and a very patriotic bell.
Riley's Cookies! Mario Star + Two-Face. Very nice.
Kevin's Cookies! Featuring a very busted Gingy!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

On the Go - On the Run - 2011 Boutique = Done

  Greetings! You may remember us from previous posts such as Nov. 4th - Pictures of Pumpkins - that's right it's been over a month since our last post - THE REASON! = we've been focused on our OTHER blog and creating a 2-day Boutique in the new house.
  After a few weeks of preparing the house, collecting fab product from over 50 participating artists and designers, we put on a pretty darn good boutique.
  - We were visited by over 130 shoppers - that's a lot of traffic for our place!
  - Sales = over $7k
  - Over $500 raised for The American Cancer Society through out participant donations
  -...and spent most of our earnings on cool stuff at the boutique (some for gifts...but mostly for us and the house...)
  Even though I promised to share photos of the product projects we were working on for the sale - and failed - I will attempt to make it up to you by sharing pics of our transformed living room/dining room:
Kitchen, Table Linens, Sweet Treats Area - View #1
Printed and embellished kitchen towels, aprons, coasters & trivets, pot holders, artwork, recipe cards, cake pops, truffles, table runners, napkins, wooden wine stoppers, candles, mulling spices, etc.
Kitchen, Table Linens, Sweet Treats Area - View #2
Baby & Kids Area
Plush Toys, Finger Puppets, Children's Books, Printed Tees, Headbands + Barrettes, Burp Cloths, Quilting and Embroidery Kits, Crayon Totes, Hand Painted Step Stools, Wash Mitts, etc. 
a look at the artwork and photography displayed on our lovely new mantle + Christmas tree and gift area featuring ornaments, holiday cards and activity books, ceramic gifts, tree skirts + more
on the other side of the room =  our jewelry and accessories area complete with necklaces, bracelets, earrings, fabric belts, headbands, purses, wallets, zipper pouches, screen tees, hats, scarves, and yoga bags
TJ Brecht Original provided some of the fabulous furniture created from reclaimed materials like the large cabinet on the left, whose face is made from a cool, old screen door. We used it to display artwork, wooden crates, fairy houses and then some. To the right = soaps, lotions, candles, tissue covers, and more
our couch all covered up with quilts, pillows, and pillow covers
The photos shown are just the tip of of the details captured by Amber Engfer Photography the morning of the event. For more photos, visit the boutique blog :)