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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Happy Birthday Rigby!!

  A look back at Rigby's First Year:

A quick nap on cousin Owen and a BIG hug from cousin Brooke!
  Last September we picked up our 8 wk, 5 lb pup and named him Rigby - he was tinier than we expected (Finch had been 8 lbs at 8 weeks), and proved to a lot naughtier and a lot more work than Finch was at that age. Kevin is convinced that I just don't remember how Finch was when he was really young - I remember Finch being a silly, energetic pup who jumped up on guests and pulled too hard on his leash until I got him trained - which didn't take very long.  The main difference of course was that Finch was an only child, and it was just me, single, living on my own at the tiny house in Minneapolis - before Kevin :) I had plenty of one-on-one time to spend with my boy Finch. Potty training had been a breeze and he learned to "shake hands" in 10 min. Sure there were accidents - but with Rigby!! Thank God we purchased a Bissel Spotbot, little spot wet-vac. It was used VERY often, and Kevin swears it saved our marriage :)

Finch: What are you doing with that little guy? I lick your face!!
  Right away, Rigby's first day home, he connected with his new, big brother, Finch. Although we got the feeling that Finch was more annoyed by this new pup, he tolerated his new little bro's constant snuggling - oh my goodness the snuggling! It's like they were ALWAYS posing for a Christmas card.

Finch really liked the little bed that Rigby got from Tabitha....and Ribgy fit in there too...

  Now, 10 months later, Rigby is a sweetie pup who...
-  runs around the backyard like a crazy man,
- thinks he's a lap dog,
- sneaks into our bed in the middle of the night and carefully lays down at the bottom of the bed between us so as not to get busted,
- prefers to eat out of Finch's bowl
- LOVES going into his kennel (he did NOT learn that from Finch)
- is best friends with Finch - they wrestle everyday, and I think Finch is younger because of it :)

Rigby is 1 year old today and we love him so!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Fourth of July Coloring Sheet!

  Get out your red and blue crayons and let's get patriotic with this coloring sheet :) You know the drill!

right click on coloring sheet image to "save image as" - save to your computer. To print, use the 'fit to page' option if necessary.

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