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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Feel Better Finch!

 Our pup Finch hasn't been feeling 100%. After noticing an egg sized lump developed on (in?) Finch's throat, we brought him into the vet - who then referred us to a doggy-oncologist. Diagnosis: T-cell Lymphoma. The doctor is the best and we started chemo right away.
  Chemo for dogs is very different than chemo for people. No losing hair, no feeling really ill. We go in every week to check white blood cell counts and for treatment. Every few weeks will be a take home, 4 day, chemo pill.
  So far, Finch is 3 treatments in, and already acting younger! His egg-lump is not even there, and his lymph nodes are back to normal size. He's doing the best he can be considering the circumstances :)

Finch was so brave for his first round of chemo. They cuddle him and feed him treats the whole time!
The day after Finch's first chemo, he got extra special cuddle time from Rigby.
Having a good time at the cabin last weekend.
left to right: Rocko, Rigby, Finch
  Everyone is being so encouraging and supportive...

...Remember this tee from Target I showed off a few weeks back?
Featuring our very own Finch on a skateboard?
We were SO pumped to see so many really handsome little guys sporting their very own Finch tees! What support!
Left: Tristan, 7 months old, from Alabama. We met Tristan's mom and dad on on our honeymoon cruise - we got married the same day!!
Middle: Liam, 3 years old, from Hawaii. Kevin's uncle Tom's great-nephew is demonstrating his sweet kick-flip skate moves - just like Finch!
Right: Gabe, My cousin Tiffany's little one really looks like he's really a fan of his Finch tee!
Left: Otto, 4 years old. Our neighbor's son from down the street; when asked "Who is on your shirt?" Otto responds "RIGBY!!!"
Right: Owen, 2 years old. Our very own special nephew Owen prefers Finch on his shirt, but not so much in person (he's still a little spooked by 90lb Finch whose face is *exactly eye level...)

Thanks for the support guys!!!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Enchanted Houses @ EP Arts in the Park

  Yesterday I shared photos of my booth at EP Arts in the Park, but we can't forget about Kevin's mom, Deb, of Enchanted Houses! She's the reason I participated in EP Arts in the Park last week in the first place! I was very lucky to have Deb in the tent/booth right next door during for the event :)
  The 100% hand built, hand painted & glazed, ceramic fairy houses by Enchanted Houses made for lovely displays and attracted a lot of attention!  Many houses were sent to new homes and a few people who purchased that day are already requesting more! Nice!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Last Weekend: Our Booth @ EP Arts in the Park

  Last Sat. (May 18th) was EP Arts in the Park - outdoor, one-day only art sale. and OF COURSE it stormed most of the morning. Luckily the event start time was pushed from 9am back to 11am - so there was no setting up in the rain for us. We were left with really soggy, swampy grass under our booth that seriously deterred people from coming in - perfect right? - but those who did venture a closer look at Yellow Finch.Gray Day seemed quite pleased.
  [Que the wind] Aside from the steamy, muggy air that arrived as soon as the clouds parted, our next battle was the wind coming right off the lake. It blew Kevin's Mom's tent right off, knocking over her displays. Lame!
  Overall, the event was great. A majority of the other sellers featured Paintings, Photography and Jewelry - I was the only one with kid's product (well, lots of Deb's ceramic Fairy Houses can be for kids too!), so I'm not certain I really fit in at this specific event. Oh well! It was my first time, but perhaps not the last!

  Notes to self:
   1: outdoor art/craft fair events in May = not a smart idea....
   2: I *probably made too much product. From just walking by, it appeared I had double or triple the amount of actual items - even more than some of the the jewelry peeps...
   3: the iron-on tees I made for my mom and I to wear during the event = nice touch :)
   4: the Square register app/card reader on my phone isn't just for running credit cards: I tracked every transaction, even cash transactions on my phone. So easy!

  Have a look at how the Yellow Finch.Gray Day booth turned out!
pet department!! people LOVE those Squeaky Bones!
Birdie & B's Sweets = My sister-in-law Anna and her sweets partner April made the first ever Nugget Cake Pops!
They fit in perfectly, and were SO tasty! 
 + last week, we were super excited to see some familiar faces in
Elisa McBride of Yellow Finch Gray Day offered these plush “nuggets.”

Friday, May 17, 2013

As Ready as We'll Ever Be!

  Well! Tomorrow is EP Arts in the Park! We've gotten everything done that we possibly can without going completely crazy. Vehicles are loaded and setting the alarm to wake up early to head out to the park to set up our tent. I'm anticipating that set up will be super easy and fast, considering we did our due diligence and set up a quick 'dry run' in the back yard...and I then I went a little diagram crazy to pinpoint the last details. With a print out that looks like this - see below - I think just about ANYONE could set up the Yellow Finch.Gray Day booth!

you might need to click on the image to have a closer look.... if you're interested in the details...

+ I'm super excited! Just got an image for my sister-in-law Anna of Birdie & B's Sweets of the cute Nugget Cake Pops we'll be selling tomorrow! Yum!!!

EP Arts in the Park
Purgatory Creek Park
13001 Technology Dr.
Eden Prairie, MN 55344

Monday, May 6, 2013

Prep for EP Arts in the Park!

   We have a looooong check list of tasks to tackle in preparation for EP Art in the Park - its coming up fast: May 18th! Here is the link for details!
  We've created product for Finch's Boutique how many years now? 6? 7? Its hard to keep track. I always make a bunch of stuff, but I kind of just keep making things until I'm out of time. 5 Nuggets here, 2 Jimmys there, a few Wash  Mitts, some pot holders, and some last minute framed artwork. This is my first time doing an *actual Art/Craft Fair style event. Which means I have a 10' x 10' tent space to do with what I please - but it's all me. I can't just put out a few of those or that - Its the "Elisa Show" - or I suppose the "Yellow Finch.Gray Day Show" - so we've been hard as work, cranking out more than ever! My WONDERFUL mom, Bonnie, has been taking on sewing on those pesky Jimmy and Robit Robot arms/legs/tails/hair/antennas, Kevin has been showing off his Stuff'n Skills (he is a REALLY good Nugget stuffer!), Finch has been snoozing, and Rigby, well, he's been pulling up 'branches with roots' from the yard (which is actually the Buck Thorn that we need removed from out back. So he *is kind of helping out in his own way...)
  Like I was saying: We are down to a two weeks away from the event, and the list is starting to look like stress in disguise as letters. Sheesh. Yikes!

To Do:

- Finish product: Sewing plush Jimmy Dolls, XL Nuggets, Tooth Fairy Nuggets, "Regular" sized Nugget Sets, Terry Wash Mitts, Felt Finger Puppets, Magic Sponge Sets, Artwork.....

- Sew little illustrated tags on to product (...once it's finished....)

- Print + Fold Yellow Finch.Gray Day coloring sheet/books for booth visitors to take

- steam the creases out the vinyl banner I had made with my logo that showed up all smushed

- cut business cards in half (seemed like a good idea at the time...but of course, it just another process)

- Set up dry run of tent, tables, shelves, etc. int he back yard the week before event so we can ensure that everything FITS. That way on the morning of May 18th, we can just follow the photos are know where exactly everything goes. Yes. I'm like that.

- ... I'm sure I'm missing some other key things..... yikes!

Here's my crew of XL Plush Nuggets with pockets :)

if you happen to be in the area on May 18th~
Purgatory Creek Park
13001 Technology Drive
Eden Prairie, Mn55344

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Mother's Day Coloring Sheet!

 "... Time to get your crayons and your pencils!" Like "Picture Pages" - anyone remember that little show with Bill Cosby and Mortimer the Marker? Anyone?
  Even though Spring only BRIEFLY appeared in MN, its still time to share our Mother's Day Coloring Sheet! Yay!

Save it. Print it on out. & give it some color!

We've left blank space at the bottom so there is PLENTY of room add a little note or sign a name!

right click on coloring sheet image to "save image as" - save to your computer. To print, use the 'fit to page' option if necessary.

+ be sure to send pics/scans of your little ones with their masterpieces to I would LOVE to showcase them soon!