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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Its Getting To Be That Time of Year...

  What time of year you ask? 'Tis getting to be boutique season! Finch's Holiday Time Boutique that is! You may be thinking "hey! but that's not until December!" True - but it's time to start 'recruiting' artists and designers to participate. I am working on firming up all of this year's details - all I can say for now is that it's going down Dec. 8th-9th - Hooray! I will be posting info on the boutique blog very soon :) Just got to get my buns in gear.
  But in the meantime, let's look back on Finch's Boutique from 2011.......

We are willing to bet that THIS year's boutique will look even better! Mark your calendars!!

photos by Amber Engfer Photography

Thursday, August 23, 2012

McBride's on Staycation!

   August has been a busy month so far! Luckily, Kevin and I were able to take a week off work for vacation - or, for the most part: stay-cation. But that doesn't mean we took it easy! We packed our week full of chores activities: Hoping to get a lot of home 'progress' done + some time to sit back and relax.

Here's a few of things we did:
- Doctors appt - it's hard to find time to schedule those!
- Big Target shopping trip
- Took the Subaru in for a tune up
- Dentist appt for BOTH of us
- Organizing in the office
- Machine sewing at my mom's (still prefer her old Singer to my newer one...)
- Completely cleaned + installed cabinets in the garage (see evidence in the 'Bagster' out in the driveway...
- Massage + Facial for Elisa
- Bowling for Kevin
- Only checked and responded to work e-mails 5-7 times...each...
- Tabitha over for dinner :)
- Kevin built a "cat house" with Madeleine
- Made lots of food to bring the cabin: banana bread, garlic/basil/sage bread, pasta salad, fresh dill dip, zucchini patties + prepped much more to make while there...
- Headed to the cabin with Madeleine and Finch!
- Out to dinner at Indianhead Supper Club in Balsam Lake, WI (Kevin's Osso Buco = the best)
- Pedicure with Nana
- Fishing
- Worked on fixing the fishing boat
- Slept in...
- Sewing and stuffing cute Squeaky dog bone toys and Owl Tooth Fairy Pillows
- Finch for a long walk
- A "Hunny-Cruise" around the lake for me and Kevin
- Ate LOTS of good food
- A TON of reading
- Repaired the 'hilarious' bird feeder
- Mowed the lawn
- Watched movies
- ....and some more that I'm sure I missed... (+ don't get me started on the list of things I wish we'd had time to get to...)

- AND! Decided which puppy we are going to bring home on Sept. 1st! That's right! We are adding to the McBride Family - a little, fawn, black mask boxer pup - just like big brother Finch!

Can't wait to introduce you to the new pup soon!