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Saturday, June 23, 2012

2012 Relay for Life

  Last night was the 2012 Hopkins/Minnetonka Relay For Life event for American Cancer Society - this was my 6th year participating.  Kevin and I raised $1,145.00! Hooray! Thank you to everyone who donated! + there's still time to donate to the cause = here on my fundraising page.
   $500.00 of that total came from the fundraising from the artist and designer participants in Finch's Holiday Time Boutique this past December.
  ...AND!...The weather turned out great!
  Owen and Brooke had a great time!
Nordy from the Minnesota WILD came to hang out. When Brooke saw him she said "Easter Bunny!"

Opening Ceremonies: All of the cancer survivors out on the track. My mom joined the survivors this year - you can see her head in the second row, second in from the far side.
The entire track was lined in luminary bags - here's just a few I decorated in honor of my mom, Bonnie.
I was pretty nervous! I was asked to be the speaker at the Luminary Lighting Ceremony this year to talk about my experience this year with my mom's cancer - update: 3 months after surgery, and she's doing great!
Thanks to Deb & Riley, and Ian, Sara, Noodle & Julian for coming out to show their support!
The bags all lit up!
Still to come: the official team photo of "Angels of Hope"

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Downstairs Progress Report #3

Let there be floors!
   We've added heated floor coils under a portion of the new tile in the office for us to use in the winter. There is a heat vent in the room, but adding the heated floors will help warm the room and ensure that we will want to use the space year round :)
   Tile in the office, mud room and backdoor entry area has been laid and grouted - finally! - with a little line of tiny slate tiles to "separate" the spaces - just wanted to add it in for fun since we decided to use the same large tile in both rooms.

   We've begun getting the bedroom closet ready for, well, stuff. Our friend, Brian, is moving into the downstairs bedroom this weekend, and he is *probably going to need a place to hang his clothes. We purchased a 4-wire basket 'drawer' organizer from IKEA for the base of the new closet cubby space. 2 or 3 shelves will fill the space above. At one of several Menard's trips last weekend, we picked up a super tall closet shelving unit - the kind that can be incorporated with all sorts of other closet storage tidbits - we  attached a few closet rods + mounting a large mirror on the wall! (a mirror that was on the wall at the top of the stairs upstairs when we moved in...)
   We painted Brian's Room and closet (one coat of paint in the closet) "Silver Sage" - a lovely blue/gray color I swiped from Restoration Hardware. We had it matched at Home Depot of course :)

Up next =
- door frames + doors (that reminds me....we need to buy door knob hardware still....)
- base trim (Kevin stained and poly'ed all the trim + doors/frames already - currently taking up the entire garage - now it just needs to measured, cut down and installed..._
- new blinds for the office and bedroom - all added up = we need 8 sets of blinds (the 3 windows per bay window really add up fast)