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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Check us out over at Hammers & High Heels!

  I was super excited to be asked by Carla of Hammers & High Heels to share a guest blog post while she is out of the country, traveling for business! Sure thing!
  So have a look over at the Hammers & High Heels blog to see what I have to say about my house Style Epiphany!
  Thanks so much Carla + hello to any new readers who have come our way via Hammers & High Heels - we have lots to share! We're pretty quirky and silly - we like Harry Potter and Star Wars - we love hosting boutiques (see Finch's Holiday Time Boutique) and we def love design :) Subscribe or 'follow' so we can stay in touch! All of your comments, thoughts and ideas are always welcome!