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Friday, September 13, 2013

Blueberry Swirl or Raspberry Swirl.....???

   Kevin and I are so excited!! We went in for an ultrasound this morning, got to see the baby doing a little jig, its lovely spine and brain + all four chambers of the heart: So cool! - AND most importantly, to find out the little Nugget's gender! Our Radiologist/Ultrasound Tech was named Molly, which we took immediately to mean we were in good hands (Kevin's older sister is Molly), and she was a really good sport... Because we have a surprise planned for ourselves and our parents!

  Tonight we are having parents over for dinner, but they don't know about the appointment this morning. We plan to reveal our baby's gender for dessert - Cheesecake dessert to be exact. Will it be blueberry swirl or raspberry swirl?? This thing is: WE don't even know yet! Molly the ultrasound tech, included a little 'photo' and a note that says 'Boy' or 'Girl' in a sealed envelope that we brought directly to Muddy Paws Cheesecake in St. Louis Park - they bake the BEST cheesecake - and since Kevin and I aren't the *biggest cake fans, we decided that cheesecake would be best (we even did cheesecake for our wedding! So it fits...).

  When we got over to Muddy Paws, we barely said "a cheesecake for McBride" - all prepped to re-explain how we there to pick up one of two possible flavors... - when the bakery gal says "Oh I've been WAITING for you!" We sent her off in back with our envelope, and she reappeared with a box, no flavor or info listed on it, tied with gender-neutral orange, curling ribbon (so it would be tamper-evident!)...

So right NOW - at 2:19 pm - we are still a few hours away from dinner, and a then a ways still from dessert time - and this box is just sitting in our downstairs fridge, waiting.... Oh! the anticipation!!!!!

Stay tuned.....

Fast-forward to about 6:45pm this evening!!!!!

It's official! The McBride's are having a little boy!! Hooray! We couldn't be MORE EXCITED!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Boutique Bummer...

   Finch's Boutique is a no-go for 2013 - for those of you who saw our post McBrides are Expecting, the reason should be pretty obvious! I SO enjoy planning and scheming up new ideas and plans for the boutique each year, but man, the mental and physical demands will be much to much for this gal at 7 months pregnant.
   According to Kevin, I become "completely unavailable" in the month or two leading up to the sale - it's true I may get a little wrapped up with artist communication, blog posts, and list making - I guess I hadn't realized I was COMPLETELY unavailable! 
   This year, my lists are going to look a little different... So its a Boutique Bummer, but for really good reasons!
  We are hoping to keep up with our previous Finch's Boutique artists via our boutique facebook page + planning to keep you updated with other holiday sale events as they come up as well.
  We have a TON of Yellow Finch.Gray Day product made - with not even close to all of it listed on Etsy yet....  so perhaps we will find a sale to participate in elsewhere...

Instead of supervising the boutique this year, these shop dogs will have to oversee the the preparation of the new Nursery Room and practice sharing the house - and their mom & dad - with the new Nugget!

You never know! Perhaps the boutique will be back next year???