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Sunday, September 23, 2012

McBride's Heart Junk Bonanza!

  This was our very first trip out to the Junk Bonanza event located in Shakopee @ Canterbury Park. Along with Kym and Travis, we found some great treasures. WHENEVER I shop with Kevin - or Kym! - we always say "I picked this out for you" - and it's usually the tackiest, clothes, opposite of cute color, etc. Well we managed to "pick out" some goods for some friends, but this time not due to tackiness, but because we were really reminded of them. Promise!
  Let's take a peek then shall we?
SO much to see...
Tin Ceiling Tiles Galore! I love all of the cool patterns and worn enamel.
Kevin found some new abs....and then he found the bar. It was a lovely day for a bloody mary.
Too bad we have already found all of the storage for our new office and mudroom - these pieces would have been pretty sweet. Perhaps the old Tampax dispenser box could be part of a future bathroom remodel?? Kevin disagrees.
We picked these out for Jason!
We picked these out for Glover!!
Kym picked out a new kitchen island...for herself! "Wouldn't this be cool....."
We picked these out for 1) Kim B!  2) Crista  3) Melissa
We picked these out for 1) Sara *not quite the right model, but still...
2) Kelly Herzog!! from Everything In Between By Kelly
We picked out this funny sheep for Molly! And Kym was nice enough to pick out this crazy yellow dress for me! Complete with lovely yellow feather sleeves and even an 'E' on the tag! It was meant to be!
Here we are!!
+ We met up with friend and fellow blogger, Carla from Hammers & High Heels, and her husband Alex - THEY know how to spot a deal! Take a peek at Carla's Junk Bonanza post to see what fabulous treasures caught her eye!
Here's Kevin and I looking pretty derpy with our eyes closed! with Carla & Alex who look perfectly normal and cute as per usual :)   + I picked out this wooden panel with a cool 'Z' shape in it for Carla & Alex!
Here is what we came home with:
We found these great old grain sacks with "Bemis" printed on them - why you ask? Poppy, Kevin's grandfather used to work for the Bemis Corporation for MANY many years - so we thought they were really cool.
Perhaps we can make something out of them?
+ We picked up with sweet multi-tin-tiled 'M' - for McBride duh! - that we have a home for in our living room.
+ Lastly, here are a few assorted letters and number I dug out of some bins to use for a few projects: the M's because I am apparently collecting M's. and the the other letters + 2010 in wooden block type for a project I've had in my head for a while - more on that later...
Kym and Travis pick up this cool old lantern - Travis saw the potential in it, got home, cleaned it all up - and what do you know?! It's blue and pretty darn awesome!
Junk Bonanza was pretty cool...and exhausting! So much junk = overload on the brain!
Until next year...or April 2013 for the NEXT Junk Bonanza!

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  1. Ahhhh-mazing pics! Glad we got to see you guys, we got bloody marys too! Haha! Let's do a girls shopping trip sometime soon!