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Thursday, February 28, 2013

For The Love Of Spring!

  So we are still a ways away from warmer temps here in MN, but the McBrides are already dreaming of Spring - *sigh*. And Spring of course brings to mind lovely, happy colors - Orange, Yellow, Green and Gray are our favs or course (Silence to those of you thinking "um, gray gray isn't really a color" - We care not! We do not treat Gray any differently in this household as it is a staple of our furniture, accessories, clothing, and several-a-spray painting-project. Take that!) - And what is easier than stripes we ask? The answer = solid color - but solids, however, do not make for very interesting imagery.

  Lovely striped items available on etsy - I *may have purchased the yellow diagonal stripe Washi Tape (and some gray as well...) It comes in SO handy! Striped paper straws, bakers twine and tiny baby loafers - Ah, Springtime :)

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

McBrides in Huntington Beach!

  Our next stop on my work shopping trip with Kevin was Huntington Beach! Kevin says he prefers it in Huntington Beach by FAR: "Every one's so laid back and dresses like me, and I'm not hacking up smog!" + Temps in the high 70's =  exactly what these two Minnesotans needed.

  Here's a few of our favorite pics:

Monday, February 25, 2013

McBrides in LA!

   Kevin recently accompanied me to Los Angeles/Santa Monica on a shopping trip for work - and thank goodness! I don't think I would do so well driving in that LA traffic!

What we did - Feb. 13, 14:
- sat in traffic
- shopped cute boutiques
- took photos
- had sushi with friends
- more shopping
- a few purchases
- sat in traffic some more
- tasty Italian food for Valentine's Day!
- a romantic walk on the pier...until the fog rolled in and it got really cold!

Here's our fav shots from where we stayed in Santa Monica (courtesy of Kevin of course!)

our hotel - right on the beach!
and here comes the fog...

Next stop Huntington Beach! Our fav pics soon!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Welcome Baby Preston!

  He's here! Our new nephew has arrived and we were so thrilled to meet him! He arrived one day earlier than expected - he just couldn't wait any longer!
  Brooke is pretty excited about her new baby cousin as well: "Ohhh, he's so cute" - Brooke

+ Here is a little Birth Announcement Artwork that we've created just for little Preston!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Valentine's Day Coloring Sheet Masterpiece!

  What wonderful composition and use of color! Thanks Kai (and Mama Corinna) for downloading our Valentine's Day Coloring Sheet and sharing this masterpiece!

Kai, Age 2

Coming Soon! St. Patrick's Day Coloring Sheet!!

Yellow Finch.Gray Day on Whole Parenting Family

  We are SUPER excited to have our Yellow Finch.Gray Day product featured on Whole Parenting Family!
  We sent a few fun items (Nugget Wash Mitts, Plush, Finger Puppets and Magic Sponge) to friend/Mom-Blogger/creator Nell for her littles, Super Boy and Sweet Pea, to enjoy! Here is what Nell has to say about us along with a little Q & A session :)  We LOVE how Nell included pics of the product AND especially! photos of little Sweet Pea herself enjoying her new items. Have a look!

Thanks Nell!

check out Whole Parenting Family blog!

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+ don't forget to scope out the AMAZING, handmade product for Babies, Littles, and Mammas in Whole Parenting Goods Shop. 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

V-Day For All! And to All a Few Smooches!

  So I recently had a go at the "Treasury" function on Etsy - how users can create/curate their own little collection of favorites/themed items - whatever you want to group together from Etsy - and I thought it was pretty fun. Within a minute of created this V-day inspired Treasury, someone "liked" it and added it to their list of fav. treasuries. I guess that's a thing, so...

  Here is my list of V-day items for Home, for Littles, for My Mister, and for Me! (notice how 2 of my Yellow Finch.Gray Day items landed in this list. I think it's poor "Treasury Etiquette," but too bad!)

25 Pink Hearts Paper St...

Coral/Pink Teapot 8&quo...

Hand drawn mug painted ...

EAT Cloth Napkins Scree...

Baby: Somebody in Minne...

Robot Cut-out Craft Pap...

Brown Robit Robot Plush...

HEART & WINGS Tooth Fai...

Robot Cufflinks Men'...

iPhone 4/4s Real Wood C...

Star Wars - Darth Vader...

Princess Bride Inconcei...

Vintage typewriter post...

Tea bag felt bookmark -...

Valentine Gift, LOVE Re...

Paper hearts bunting ba...

   It's safe to say that since I launched my shop, Yellow Finch.Gray Day on Etsy, I've been spending a bit of time perusing...and of course shopping...I *may have a few things coming my way in the mail....
  So perhaps I'll make a few more treasuries here and there...