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Thursday, August 23, 2012

McBride's on Staycation!

   August has been a busy month so far! Luckily, Kevin and I were able to take a week off work for vacation - or, for the most part: stay-cation. But that doesn't mean we took it easy! We packed our week full of chores activities: Hoping to get a lot of home 'progress' done + some time to sit back and relax.

Here's a few of things we did:
- Doctors appt - it's hard to find time to schedule those!
- Big Target shopping trip
- Took the Subaru in for a tune up
- Dentist appt for BOTH of us
- Organizing in the office
- Machine sewing at my mom's (still prefer her old Singer to my newer one...)
- Completely cleaned + installed cabinets in the garage (see evidence in the 'Bagster' out in the driveway...
- Massage + Facial for Elisa
- Bowling for Kevin
- Only checked and responded to work e-mails 5-7 times...each...
- Tabitha over for dinner :)
- Kevin built a "cat house" with Madeleine
- Made lots of food to bring the cabin: banana bread, garlic/basil/sage bread, pasta salad, fresh dill dip, zucchini patties + prepped much more to make while there...
- Headed to the cabin with Madeleine and Finch!
- Out to dinner at Indianhead Supper Club in Balsam Lake, WI (Kevin's Osso Buco = the best)
- Pedicure with Nana
- Fishing
- Worked on fixing the fishing boat
- Slept in...
- Sewing and stuffing cute Squeaky dog bone toys and Owl Tooth Fairy Pillows
- Finch for a long walk
- A "Hunny-Cruise" around the lake for me and Kevin
- Ate LOTS of good food
- A TON of reading
- Repaired the 'hilarious' bird feeder
- Mowed the lawn
- Watched movies
- ....and some more that I'm sure I missed... (+ don't get me started on the list of things I wish we'd had time to get to...)

- AND! Decided which puppy we are going to bring home on Sept. 1st! That's right! We are adding to the McBride Family - a little, fawn, black mask boxer pup - just like big brother Finch!

Can't wait to introduce you to the new pup soon!

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