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Monday, October 21, 2013

Nursery Inspiration: Color

  If you ask Kevin, our blueberry swirl cheesecake that revealed we're having a little boy, means our baby nursery should be "Space Theme." When I asked him "Why space theme?" he responds "How else will we get all of the Star Wars stuff to fit in?"       ......ummm.....
  I've been peeking around at nursery inspiration online - I started a secret Pinterest board back in June! - and yes, now that we know gender, it changes things a little bit. I'm not much of a 'theme room' gal, and despite gender, I've been imagining something more gender-neutral from the get go. In case you didn't know, I'm not much of a pink girl myself, so pink walls for a little girl wasn't really on the possibilities list. Just saying.
  We have some existing furniture that we want to incorporate into baby's room and our goal is to ensure the space is cozy, warm, modern (not in a stark, cold way) and eclectic. We have collected some items and decor over time, that would be really fun to incorporate into the room, and none of them really fit into a theme or overarching color family, so... eclectic it is!

For starters = Color Inspiration
I've really been responding to greens, oranges, aqua/turqs and gray color combinations....
1. Chevron Rug: Urban Outfitters  -  2. Little Nest Box, Etsy  -  3. Cord Roy Fox, Jelly Cat  -  4. Sugar House Ink, Etsy
5. Herringbone Rug: Urban Outfitters  -  6. Land of Nod  -  7.  -  8. how do it
9. Green Stripe Rug: Land of Nod  -  10. Cord Roy Croc, Jelly Cat  -  11. Ombre Dresser by Cape27  -  12. Wipe-Off Word Bubble Frames by Chez Larsson
13. Aqua Chevron Rug: Urban Outfitters  -  14. Paper Airplane Printed Pillow by Alyssa Nassner (we purchased this one of kind pillow from Alyssa!)  -  15. Illustration from "Jimmy's Tree" by Me! Elisa!  -  16. Gosh and Golly, Etsy
  I am liking the idea of doing an accent color wall: my fav idea so far = dark gray.
left. tumblr page no longer active...  -   middle. Follow Pics  -  right. Wall decals by Simple Shapes, Etsy

  I like how the dark gray walls really allow everything else to pop - feels light and airy even though its so dark! Hmmm....should prob get some little paint swatch samples before diving in...

More to come!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Hello Gray House!

   When planning to re-side our home exterior, I knew that I liked the idea of a more industrial, corrugated steel siding look - I tracked down some inspiration photos to sell Kevin on my plan for the siding and new lighting for the house.
I really like the green vertical siding on the left + the mix of the wooden steps on the right looks so warm and modern. Not sure if we could commit to a whole green house, but there's something nice about the natural green color...
Gray siding + Yellow door seems right up our alley right? Another good example of the great vertical corrugate + I liked this light fixture on the right side - yes, it's shown as a bathroom fixture, but still - thought this style was quirky and updated and not too modern...
   When going through the process of meeting with representatives from different siding companies, we explored several siding options - steel, steel corrugate, vinyl, etc. - and really considered the cost impact, and of course, can we get the look we like.
   Finally, we determined that we would walk away steel corrugate due to cost, but still achieve the look via a vertical Board & Batten style in vinyl. Now if you're like me, you cringe a little bit when you hear vinyl - Vinyl kind of makes me think of granny-siding, that's fragile and not attractive - well I was finally convinced that they don't make vinyl like they used to...

Good-bye poop brown house!  Here is our new gray house!

The garage door was left brown of course, so Kevin painted it right away - it looked  PRETTY bad with the new gray...

+ here is our "Accent Wall" - Green siding on the wall where our deck is (the only chance I had to snap a pic was kind of a cloudy, shadowy day, so...) + our new light fixtures for the front, sides of house + garage!
(Not surprised to see a certain pup named Finch, keeping an eye on me through the door!)
We're so pleased with our results and don't miss the poop brown color for a second!!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

To Infinity AND BEYOND!!

  Last year our nephew Owen was ALL about Sesame street - Elmo, Cookie, Big Bird, the whole gang {see Owen's Sesame Street B-day Party from last year}. THIS year, you'd better believe that Toy Story is #1. Owen's mom, our sister-in-law, Anna (of Birdie & B's Sweets) was out to make this years party one to remember - and of course,  I was super pleased to help out where I could :)

We fancied up the bottled water with two styles of fun B-day labels - featuring Slinky Dog and an Alien :)
 I Googled "Toy Story Font", but I didn't download it, I just traced out "Owen" to ensure it looked as "authentic" as possible. I recreated the Toy Story clouds and arranged my text, character and text elements on a 3" wide band x about 8-9" (had to measure a bottle). We used a skinny little strip of double-stick adhesive to keep 'em on.
I added Anna's menu items to little Etch-a-Sketch tent-labels that I printed off on card stock
(I fit 5 labels to an 8.5" x 11" page)
What's more Toy Story than pizza from Pizza Planet??! When Owen saw the sign I made to accompany the pizza boxes, he got REALLY excited + can't forget everyone's fav punch (aka 'Alien Juice') with Lime Sherbet...
And the sweets!! Chocolate Snickers and Strawberry Shortcake cupcakes = SO good. (Anna always takes care of the non-chocolate eaters like me and Kevin!) + of course! Birdie & B's Sweets Cake Pops! Vanilla pops "Alien" and "Hamm" were delicious and chocolate pop Mr. Potato Head was SO detailed.
Along with Toy Story coloring sheets and ring toss, the kids kept busy with creating their unique Mr. and Mrs. Potato Heads and "The Claw Game"
Cute Toy Story buckets filled with goodies for kid's party favors!
And for just a little added fun, I printed out an extra large Etch-a-Sketch, mounted it on cardboard, and cut out the center to become a frame! It was super fun to snap pics of party guests - although I didn't get ALL of the guests :(

OWEN!! The Birthday Boy himself!  with his new Buzz Lightyear action toy - complete with impressive wingspan and blinky little lights....

Yes. That is Baby McBride featured in the lower-center pic there...

Sunday, October 6, 2013

J is for Jimmy!

  Last Friday, our adorable niece, Brooke, was tasked by "school" (daycare) to bring an item from home that starts with the letter 'J' - I was so excited that Brooke chose to bring her very own purple Jimmy Doll that I made her for her first birthday!! Look how cute and excited she was - still a bit sleepy, but excited nonetheless!

sporting a lovely shooting star tattoo on her hand :)