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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Baby Jack!!

  All of my plans to add a blog post directly following the arrival of our little one were easier said than done… It's been one month since our little Jack arrived - he took his time: only 11 days late! and here we are, finally posting about him.
  We last posting on Feb. 2nd - our due date - Our little guy was just too comfortable to come on out, so we went in for a scheduled induction on Tues. Feb. 11th at 7pm, and *finally went into labor around 3am Feb. 12th, and Jack made his grand entrance on Thurs. morning Feb. 13th.

 Elisa: 30 hour labor, super painful Back Labor contractions, fever with uncontrollable shivering, oxygen mask, elevated white blood cell count, and antibiotics….

 Kevin: pushed so hard on my back for me whenever I asked him to - which was a lot. And  I would say "push harder!" and he physically could not push ANY harder - I couldn't see him at the time (behind me obviously), but he had himself pretty much as horizontal as his body could get applying pressure. He was great. And he cheered me on and counted to 10 so many times for hours of my pushing. We were so exhausted.

  Moms: Both of our moms were with us - we are so thankful they were there! They helped support and count, were right there with ice cold wash cloths for my head and neck. Some people thought we were a little nuts for inviting our moms to be there in the delivery room with us - you know, over-bearing mother-in-law stereotypes, etc. Luckily, we don't have that problem :)

  and most importantly Jack: got himself flipped around to be facing up ("Sunnyside up") which of course, make things more difficult for his mommy. Doctors had anticipated an infection for Jack ahead of time: my fever, white blood cell count, Jack's heart rate all pointed that way. They told me before he even arrived that when Jack showed up, he would be going to the NICU right away to get his own antibiotics, and stay there for 48 hours.
  Jack arrived around 8:45am - his cord wrapped around his neck (which thankfully I couldn't see how blue and white his skin was: just about gave daddy a heart attack) Nurses had him intubated and breathing so quickly and I got to meet him briefly before he was whisked away down to his special nursery. Kevin had to go with him because Jack didn't have a bracelet yet, so "daddy keep your eyes on the baby."

Ready to Go Home:
  We were SO relieved to FINALLY get to go home on Saturday morning, 2/15. Having been at the hospital 4 nights (and Valentine's Day), we pretty much cried when we got Jack through the door, looked at each other, and just took a deep breath. We did it - we finally had our little guy, and we were home.

  AND Rigby came home on Sunday 2/16 and was very curious about the new "little puppy" - he's been great with Jack, he likes to sneak kisses, and is already standing guard, very concerned with where Jack is at all times...

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  1. What a beautiful post. Thank you for sharing the birth of your beautiful baby. I am so happy for all of you. God is good! Love and hugs to all of you.