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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Bunnies for Baby Harapat!

  Being home on leave with Jack and Kevin has been great, but its been hard to keep my hands idle and to relax. I want to feel productive and make cute things!
  For example, a close friend of mine, Melissa, is next on the list to deliver - baby girl!! - and I found myself coming up with cute projects for her baby shower that would look super cute in the pink and gray nursery that she has been working on.
  So! I really might as well work on a few things while I'm 'sitting around at home' (which is honestly what I thought this would be like: not how hard it is to make it through a 30min sitcom on the DVR without pausing 4 times…)

Bunny Embroidery Project:
  So, for Jack's Nursery (which I have yet to share photos of -  they're coming…) I started/completed my very first embroidery project aside from a few cross stitch creations when I was younger. Thanks to fellow MCAD Alum, Alyssa, of Penguin & Fish, it was super easy to create the little hedgehog that hangs in Jack's room.

left: the hedgehog embroidery kit - available on etsy - complete with embroidery hoop, fabric, instructions, pattern (with both tracing and iron on options), thread and needle.
right: examples of just a FEW of the other fun characters/kits that Penguin & Fish has to offer...
I downloaded this fun freebie "Picnic Pals" embroidery pattern last year from Penguin & Fish (I subscribed to receive their blog updates/newsletter via e-mail) - Score! I extracted/rearranged the two bunnies from the artwork, added some grass and selected the just-right color to coordinate with Melissa's nursery color scheme.
Here is how it turned out! All set for Baby Harapat!
  After completing the Hedgehog project last year, and then successfully creating this bunny project, I want to do more! I'm inspired to create some artwork for a few more personal embroidery projects of my own… thanks for the inspiration Alyssa! It's so much fun!

find Penguin & Fish on etsy
peek at the cute website!
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